Why BlueMark?

BlueMark Innovations BV is company where innovation and wireless technology is key. We provide over 10 year consultancy services to national government (bodies) and companies. Our expertise is in the area of wireless communication; co-existence, propagation, innovation and technical input for legislation. The result can be a report where trends and the influence on legislation is discussed. Or it can be an innovative product.

The company is small and centered around dr. ir. Roel Schiphorst . This allows us to be flexible and work on a project-basis without the burden of a large organisation. Often we work with partners to provide the whole solution.

 We are an independent organisation. This is very important because our advise should be unbiased. It means that we are not dependent to (too big) customers and/or external shareholders that would affect our independence. Instead our income revenue relies on multiple business areas.

Our company is built on and driven by innovation. The owner Roel has a background wireless communication and science. He has authored or co-authored more than 70 scientific papers.

Featured Projects