We have performed multiple DAB+ projects:

  1. field trial in Amsterdam to measure the interference between different transmitter topologies.
  2. assisting a consortium of radio stations in a tender for a DAB+ network
  3. assisting a national government in the transition of FM to DAB+.



In the EU, FM is replaced by DAB+. This is a new technology that is very different from the current FM broadcasting. For instance with FM every radio station has its own transmitter network. On the other hand with DAB+ multiple radio stations are multiplexed into one radio signal (multiplex) and those stations share the same transmitter network. Also DAB+ is a digital standard and FM an analog one. This gives different results in case of weak reception. All DAB+ projects helped the clients in the transition to DAB+.


Role BlueMark

In the first project BlueMark was project leader. In the other assignments BlueMark was a team member responsible for the technical aspects.



For the first project a public report is available. The other assignments are classified.


A T-DAB field trial using a low-mast infrastructure