Visitor analytics for the offline world.

Retail Performance

The retail is constantly changing. The customer is changing and ‘experience’ is more and more the keyword. Online shopping has a great impact on city centres and shopping malls. To give the best answer on these developments you need valuable information. For example how many (unique) people are in the city centre right now, which routes they choose and how long do they stay? How popular is your city and are the stores performing well? Measure and react!

Safety & Control

In many situations it is important to keep overview. If we talk about an event, a construction site or a specific location, it is relevant to know how many people are present, where they are and move. In different sectors the efficiency of human effort is a hot topic. Workload and do they meet the expectations? For all these issues you need objective information. Real time and accessible. BlueMark Innovations takes care of the measurements and you keep in control.