New Remote ID add-ons for FPV drones: db152fpv/db153fpv

New Remote ID add-ons for FPV drones db152fpv/db153fpv

BlueMark extends its family of RemoteID transponders for FPV drones with the db152fpv and db153fpv module.

DroneBeacon FPV is a family of modules that are so-called direct or broadcast audited Remote ID long-range transponders (both FAA and EU) and need both an external GPS receiver (NMEA or UBX) and external power (by the drone).

Audited RemoteID means that an external audit has confirmed that these modules are compliant with regulation in the USA and EU. Read why this matters here.

The db152fpv is a 3rd generation FPV RemoteID transponder with 6-pin JST SH 1 mm connectors. It has 20 x 20 M3 holes for easy installation in 20 x 20 stacks. It is only 2.9 gram (including antenna). Size is 27 x 27 mm

The db153fpv is a 3rd generation tiny FPV RemoteID transponder with solder pads. It is only 19 by 14 mm and 2 gram (including antenna)

Both modules are available for ordering with a price of € 59 (excluding VAT and shipping).

Why do you use an external antenna?

In our view internal antennas are non-compliant and we expect that at some point in time the FAA DoC status of those models will be revoked. Read more here.