Remote ID db120: a small and powerful Remote ID add-on

November 24, 2022 admin News

Remote ID db120 broadcast module launched

Remote Identification or Remote ID for short is a wireless license plate to identify drones and is mandatory in Japan, the USA and soon in the EU. Today, we have launched the second generation Remote ID add-on for drones that fly within visual line of sight (VLOS).


The db120 module is approved by the FAA for use in the USA. It is small, only 48 x 38 x 28 mm, and weighs just 25 grams. Moreover, the transponder has a detection range up to 5 km due to the powerful antenna. The db120 can be pre-ordered for 129 EUR ex VAT. Shipment is expected around December 7th 2022. More information about the db120 module can be found at the product website.

Full press release can be found here:

English press release