drone Remote ID Partner Program

Customers who buy 50 or more Remote ID products automatically join our free Partner Program.


Free Partner Program


We help partners to get a Declaration of Compliance (DoC) document for the FAA/USA. Also, we share our knowledge about international EMC regulations and what you need to do as a drone manufacturer to be compliant.




Remote ID broadcast module can interfere with other on-board radio systems. This is an undesired situation. With our deep understanding of interference/co-existence issues, we help partners to mitigate these issues.



White label product

For order batches over 50 Remote ID modules we offer free white label service. This means we remove our logo and other branding and replace it by yours.




Paid services

We provide also paid services. Contact us for more information.

  • custom design: use our Remote ID product knowledge/schematics to get your Remote ID enabled product

  • firmware: our modules support the open source ArduRemoteID firmware. We can implement for you missing features or make the module work with your auto pilot system.
  • other: ….