BlueMark introduces drone Remote ID products

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June 9, 2022, Enschede

Remote Identification or Remote ID for short is a wireless license plate to identify drones. This technology will soon become mandatory in the EU for most drones more than 250 grams (EU legislation 2019/945). BlueMark Innovations BV responds to this and introduces several Remote ID products: DroneBeacon is a Remote ID transponder that can be attached to a drone. In addition, there is DroneScout, a professional receiver to receive Remote ID signals up to a distance of 5 km (or more).

DroneBeacon is available immediately for 149 EUR ex VAT and the DroneScout receiver for 950 EUR ex VAT. More information about the products can be found on the product website: 


Remote ID is a technology that transmits key data -such as operator, target and current position- of a flying drone via Bluetooth or WiFi beacons. Consumers can receive this information through a smartphone app. In addition, this information is interesting for law enforcement, airports, but also for other drones to gain better insight into the local airspace. In Europe, Remote ID is defined in standard ASD-STAN prEN 4709-002.

DJI Aeroscope

A flight radar for drones can be built with the DroneScout receiver. The product is therefore comparable with the Chinese DJI Aeroscope system, that was recently negatively in the news, because of the war in Ukraine ( Since 2017, DJI drones have been broadcasting a proprietary beacon with the same type of information, whereby these signals can only be received by the DJI Aeroscope system. DroneScout offers several advantages: cheaper, suitable for all brands of drones with Remote ID and has a large reception range.


Martijn Zagwijn participant Space53 organization ( “With the BlueMark products it will soon be possible to map all drone flight movements around Twente Airport. The first tests with this are promising.

Roel Schiphorst director of BlueMark Innovations BV: “Remote ID will soon be mandatory in the EU and this offers an enormous market potential. In the coming period we will therefore expand our Remote ID range with new products.

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BlueMark Innovations BV is a technology company founded in 2008 with a focus on innovation and wireless technology. The company offers consultancy services – in particular for national governments – and develops innovations such as visitor registration based on WiFi/Bluetooth signals. More information about the company can be found at:

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