BlueMark introduces DroneScout SDK Remote ID receiver

November 22, 2023 admin News

BlueMark introduces DroneScout SDK Remote ID receiver

BlueMark extends its family of RemoteID receivers with the DroneScout SDK solution. It is a solution aimed at system integrators that want to integrate Remote ID receiver functionality into their product without having a separate box.

Remote Identification or Remote ID for short is a wireless license plate to identify drones. This direct/broadcast RemoteID technology will soon become mandatory in large parts of the world such as USA, EU, Japan and other regions for most drones more than 250 grams (EU legislation 2019/945).

The DroneScout SDK consists of the ds230 or ds240 radio board. This boards needs to be connected via USB to an embedded platform of the customer. On this platform our DroneScout application runs. This application needs a hardware license that uses the Serial Number of the CPU. At the moment ARM64 platforms are supported. Docker based solutions and/or other architectures are possible for an additional fee.

The price model consists of a one-time setup fee to help you integrate our product. A fee to purchase the ds230 or ds240 radio board. And a one-time fee for the DroneScout application (this can also be an annual fee).

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