Remote ID db122fpv: add-on for FPV drones

May 4, 2023 admin News

Remote ID db122fpv add-on for FPV drones

BlueMark extends its family of RemoteID transponders with the db122fpv module: a RemoteID broadcast module for FPV drones or other drones that have already a GPS receiver on-board.

The db122fpv has two 6-pin Molex PicoBlade connectors: GPS IN and GPS OUT. Connect a GPS receiver, such as the BN-880, to the GPS IN port. (The module supports GPS receivers that output the NMEA GPS protocol.) The GPS OUT connector needs to be connected to the drone for power, but will also relay the received GPS data to this GPS OUT port.

The db122fpv module is available for ordering with a price of € 69. It is small (28 x 28 mm) and only 4 gram (antenna included).

Standard Remote ID Vs Remote ID Broadcast Module

In the USA, the FAA defined two Remote ID product classes: a) standard Remote ID and b) Remote ID broadcast module.

Standard Remote ID products communicate with the flight controller and allow to fly BVLOS (Beyond Visual Line Of Sight). A second advantage is that the pilot can view the Remote ID status in flight control software such as Mission Planner or QGroundControl. On the other hand, Remote ID broadcast module are stand-alone products and are only allowed for VLOS flight (Visual Line of Sight).

In other jurisdictions like the EU these Remote ID product classes do not exist.