‘The market ‘ is large and dynamic, divided into sectors, each with its own requirements and challenges. As a young company BlueMark Innovations has chosen the retail sector as focus area, because of the great dynamics and the conviction that in this sector we can deliver a strong contribution. For now and the future, the retail sector need to be prepared for a strong respond to the changing purchasing behavior of the consumer. Increasingly product groups are more often bought online. The retailer, but also the real estate owner and municipalities see an increased retail vacancy rate in the shopping areas. As a result shopping areas get less attractive for the consumer.
It is therefore paramount to collect information. What are the most important trends, how can you change it and which actions gives you the best result? You want to have a clear picture on the developments with regard to number of visitors, duration of visit, number of unique visitors, routing etc. in a city center, shopping center or in store. The results will be used as input and substantiation for follow-up actions. The retail structure changes and requests a response from the specific retailer. Not all answers are good, therefore strong management information is needed.

Different markets

In addition to retail, we are involved in various initiatives within the sectors: security, health care and events. Currently on a modest scale, but with interesting points to address in the future.